Luxor formerly known as Thebes, was the ancient capital of the Egyptian Empire. From that glorious era, spectacular monuments are preserved, such as the temple, in which the Avenue of the Sphinxes has just been inaugurated.

Egypt celebrated the reopening of the ancient Avenue of the Sphinxes in Luxor on Thursday, November 25.

This Avenue of the Sphinxes has a length of 2.7 kilometers and connects two temples, the Temple of Luxor and the Temple of Karnak.

The Temple of Luxor is one of the great jewels of Ancient Egypt. It is located next to the Nile, surrounded by sand and mango plantations and a whole series of spectacular monuments that once shaped the capital of the Empire.

The history of Thebes (on whose remains Luxor rose) begins in the year 3200 BC But its maximum splendor reached it more than a thousand years later, when Mentuhotep II put an end to the conflicts in the area, generating a situation of peace that made Thebes grow to become the political and regional capital of Egypt in 1550 BC.

The size of ancient Thebes is impressive. The list of monuments and tombs that are worth a visit is so long that it would take several days to do so.

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