Graffiti Collection by Miguel Guía with the intention of making this street art his own, translating it into a sculptural language, a language that expresses a mixture of urban art (street art), very current in denunciation and that is present in the cities, with contemporary art. Great urban artists such as Banksy, Shepard Fairey, Kurar, Thrashbird or Jeremy Novy use their art to surprise and to denounce. It is their method of change in society. This collection, from the sculptural point of view, seeks to expand the claim from another artistic perspective.

With tendencies coming from the style of Jeff Koons, as an idea based on the metallic brilliance that he uses, the Madrid artist Miguel Guía, translates this effect adapting it to his language and sculptural style through nickel.

Banksy as the prime exponent and representative of the context "street artist", with inspiration in his admired Blek le Rat, decides to follow his style and make it his own through a style of his own.

Banksy proposes an artistic language full of protest and anti-systematic message, with the use of irony and satire, both political and social. Miguel Guia absorbs that into his figurative world giving it his personal prism.