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Online Art Gallery

The history of Art Galleries

The origin of art galleries can be found in ancient Greece and Rome, where art galleries or pinacothecas were intended to keep votive tablets, or where you could find rooms with exhibitions of the spoils of war thus starting the idea of collecting artworks.

In the 17th and 18th centuries we can find galleries in all the palaces and castles containing variety of valuable artworks from across time, some purchase, some received as gifts, all displayed for contemplation and admiration of the onlookers. Especially valued were the portraits, paintings and antiques.

The idea of being able to admire valuable objects, such as paintings, sculpture or small scale models of buildings, made these halls private halls be design more and more attractively; all for the most influential people of every age, for their enjoyment and that of their guests.

The ability to display gifts and trophies or portraits of ones forefathers has become an essential for the high classes.

La galería de arte en la historia

A modern day gallery

Nowadays art galleries are small museums where you can put on display different types of  artworks, be they painting, sculpture, etc., but also where you can order and purchase the works shown.

In most cases, art galleries are places where you can find the works of known contemporary artists; they are are also ideal places for promoting new artists, who have not yet been discovered and for providing them with required exposure.

In fact, one should distinguish between the two types of art galleries; the public art galleries and the private ones.

Today art galleries are many and varied, there are themed by the type of art exhibited and some of them specialize in promoting new artists.

In any case, they all share the idea of showing art to others, both to enjoy it and to sale, thus enhancing the possibility of influencing the art market and making the art more available to everyone.

Exclusive works and reproductions of works created by great artists of the past get us to enjoy the art more closely.

Thanks to galleries it is possible to present an artwork as a personalized gift; whether it is a painting or a sculpture in bronze; or even as a very unique corporate one.

You can choose from among totally different classical and modern works, variety of styles, made by known artists, pick a reproductions of paintings that already exist or get a unique and per-order designed piece; to the delight of all.

Find your favorite artwork and take it home or treat to it whomever you wish, thus giving an original and unique gift.

Our gallery offers you all this and much more. We place at your fingertips the bronze sculptures which can be most to your liking; their realistic and fierce designs will not leave you indifferent.

Get thrilled by works designed by the best European artists, who intended to convey emotions through their magnificent pieces of art.