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Bronze sculptures, of the highest quality with some really amazing designs, are at your disposal in our art gallery.

A material that can be found since the ancient times when art carried great impact, both aesthetic as informationally, as the sculptures, paintings and other art were also used to recreate vivid scenes, which today help us understand how the ancient civilizations developed.

The origin of art in bronze

It was in the Bronze Age when a method for smelting metal was discovered, and since that time it has been used to various ends, among which is creating works of art in the form of sculptures.

Many ancient civilizations used this mode of creations in bronze to honor their gods, and indeed, today we still find many of these figures, or remains thereof.

Bronze is a high resistance material and is therefore one of the most widely used throughout time. We can find it in solid figures of both small and large size, with bronze of a few millimeters thickness to reliefs and low reliefs depicting different scenes.

In the ancient times and almost until today, many bronze sculptures have been lost due their reusability. This has turned them into an object of desire, especially for those who manufacture weapons. The value of bronze is very high for certain sectors.

So many of the antique artworks in bronze were lost, causing the value of those that are still preserved to appreciate rapidly, and making them unique.

However, at present one still stumbles across cases where these bronze sculptures are stolen to be melted and reused as material, especially for weapons of all kinds.

It was the Greeks who dared to attempt creation of the first bronze sculptures of a human in natural size, before then man has made many statues, almost countless, that are now to be found at many museums from the Egyptian or even Roman times, but all small.

How a sculpture in bronze is created?

 To be able to work it, the author has to first make in wood, plaster or clay, and to this replica will apply a lubricant and silicone rubber. The rubber mold obtained is then filled with hot wax. When the wax cools leaving an exact replica of the sculptor's work.

That wax replica is immersed in a ceramic material and then powdered ceramics is applied to reinforce the whole. Then the wax is melted by means of hot pressurized steam, leaving a hollow shell, which after being subjected to intense heat, is poured with melted bronze to cast the desired sculpture.

It should worked with great care, cleaning to remove debris and ceramic, welding all of the imperfections away, prior to polishing.

The statue is sprayed with a patina that gives it the characteristic glow of bronze and finally given a coat of wax to add shine and get a very delicate final result.

The bronze sculptures at present can be purchased in order to decorate different environments from our home to workspaces. 



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