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The Artists There are 10 artists

Dou you want you want to know more about artists?

Each artist has his own personality and style, and each passes these qualities onto his artworks, which they later offer us for enjoyment and in order to share their view of the world. Different designs and styles are at your grasp thanks to our art gallery, offering you a wide and varied choice of artworks designed and crafter by well-known artists.

Sculptors from around Europe gather their most personal of their creations to offer them to you with certificates and assuredness of the total originality thereof.

Works of contemporary sculptors

We place at your disposal artworks created by current authors. Exclusive, limited edition pieces as well as reproductions made by authors from all over Europe.

Pieces of art that will be perfect for your home or workspace, but also artworks from limited editions that can easily be offer as corporate gift and that will always be much more than a simple detail, since you'll be providing a unique and original piece created by designers of prestige.

Artists such as Martin Duque, Miquel Guia, Lorenzo Quinn, Jesus Campos, Fdex Delcura, Pedrin, Lliro, Roberto Canduela, Toledano or V.Caramangno, offer you their most recognizable artworks, to appreciate and enjoy, via our art gallery.

An ideal gift to be offered to our loved ones for special occasion, it can be an artwork crafted by one of the most recognized European artists of today, but also an ideal gift for yourself. Should you enjoy the art of your own accord, you will have a great opportunity to purchase a magnificent piece from the variety we offer. All of the pieces are accompanied by certificates confirming their authenticity.

Current day authors meet the classics

The original pieces as well as the reproductions of the classics, they all are at your grasp at our art gallery, where contemporary artists share their art, incomparable style and offer them as artworks that will be always appreciated.

Our sculptors recall great artists like Dali, Degas, Picasso, Botero, Mir or Rodin himself, and even reproduce their works. Thus enabling us to have highly recognized pieces at our homes or offices, sculptures designed by the great sculptors of all time, and crafted by the best sculptors of our time.


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