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At the end of the last century, a group of artists, entrepreneurs, and experts from all over world realized the great potential of the new Spanish art that was being developed. It is a type of art that tries to break with previous structures and as had happened in other times with renowned artists, they knew that their successful story would be repeated as recognized and valued art worldwide.

It was only necessary to make this new generation of artists known to the public On the other hand, and having the talent and privileged access to workshops and foundries, and aware of the intricacies of the art world, they decided to use the modern online method to take the artworks to any corner of the planet. In this way, they managed to bring their works directly from the artist's workshop to the different homes of fans and collectors at a more affordable price, without intermediaries, and that art and quality are the only ones which captivate the souls of collectors.

And so it was, back in 1999, the first online art gallery with this concept saw the light and even today, proudly we continue to fulfill this wonderful mission and confirming, not only that this new Spanish art more disruptive captivates significantly among the art public, but also that it is revalued over the years.

Thanks to the unique relationship of the founders with workshops and performances, it allowed the different artists to specialize themselves in a niche of art that was not quite easily due to its complexity in paintings, sculptures but at the same time to convey its value to their customers with more affordable prices and thus comply with one of their brand promises.

The idea was very clear, an attempt was made to democratize quality art with potential in such a way that anyone could enjoy an artwork at their home and have an exhibition in their own dwellings or even collect creative talent that has deeply sealed eras!

Traditionally, Spanish art has been the most valued and studied by purchasers and collectors worldwide thanks to artists as Goya, Velazquez, … later evolved and gave rise to new artists in more recent times as Picasso and Dalí, who once again revolutionized the art world.

And more recently, we face contemporary Spanish art consolidation, which in sculptures is characterized by breaking with past structures and tries to focus more on human figures, and at present it is looking for new concerns such as space and emptiness. Real figures are replaced by abstract forms with a high expressionist content.

In this regard, artists such as Valdes, Plensa have portrayed this type of art in the recent decades and are already beginning to trace a new era in the same way that their compatriots did in the past, but always maintaining the lifeblood that characterized it by that ingenuity, creativity and special feeling that it transfers so much.

And finally we arrive at XXIst century, where the takeoff of a new contemporary Spanish art is perceived, displaying a continuous line through brandnew geometric and abstract shapes, but also using new technologies and new materials.

This art which has come to be called Spanish Disruptive Art (SDA) is paving the way to a new generation of Spanish artists who are growing successfully in the sale of art online and are positioned among the best-selling artists and sculptors in the main marketplaces worldwide.

For instance, we can mention Miguel Guía, an artist that we have the honor of exhibiting exclusively in our Buysculpture gallery, one of the major "badges" of our project, and who has been with us since our beginnings, serving him as a platform to popularize, and exploit his own creative talent.

In addition to Miguel Guía, we have also exhibited in our gallery other artists with the same criteria of representing this SDA art and thus connecting with an international audience that demands and values this type of art, each one with its particularities and differences. Lorenzo Queen, Martin Duque, even artists in the same style as Luis Royo,...

Precisely, concerning painting photography, Buysculpture is also making inroads as a gallery, trying to bring accessible artworks to homes and collectors with the author's signature of this new generation of most unstructured Spanish artists, who are willing to repeat the same history.

If you feel like having an artwork at home that represents this highly valued Spanish art, or you would like to make a safe bet for your collection as a collector, at Buysculpture we personally offer you a selection of works and artists that will captivate you with their beauty and the feeling that they will pass on to you.

Whether you are a professional collector or would like to take your first steps identifying yourself with the profile of this new collector who is coming up in recent years, betting on this disruptive Spanish art looks quite secure , and Buysculpture gives you the opportunity to make your purchases today at an affordable price...

Over the years, new ventures have emerged on the internet for the sale of art, with marketplaces that bring many artists and art trends together, losing this more boutique, selective, and specialized concept and other online shops selling pseudo-art, where a certain technical quality can be found out and the artistic part is much more questionable...

At Buyscultpture, we give an immediate answer to these doubts and prevent you from making an incorrect purchase, advising you with a safe value such as the most disruptive new Spanish contemporary art with an author's signature at an affordable price.

In addition, as a pioneer online art gallery, and with so many years of experience selling art over the Internet, we have the necessary knowledge and attributes that all e-commerce needs for the peace of mind, and satisfaction of its customers:

  • Eecure payment
  • Premium packaging
  • Fast delivery
  • Reach to any location

At Buysculpture, we have undoubtedly wanted to evolve with the type of works of art, but we also maintain our own essence as a specialized boutique gallery with a select representation of artists, who identify themselves with the type of art we attempt to promote.

Explore the SDA works that we recommend and make your purchase at the best possible price right now!

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