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Luis J. Martin Duque is an artist born in 1967 in Madrid and licensed by Fine Arts Faculty of Madrid’s Complutense University.

He specialises in painting and sculpture applying to them a surprising dose of realism.

His works are inspired by everyday life, and they present different aspects of Madrid and its streets. All characterised by hyperrealist style of the crisp images that are so photographic.

Bronze Sculptures by Martin Duque

With a variety of pieces demonstrating their high quality, the artistic potential displayed by Martin Duque is huge. And both in his original creations and sculptures, as well as within the reproductions of classic by his hand.

Martin Duque possesses very distinctive style captured in each of his sculptures, with great reality, and where we can almost feel the movement as in his known piece "Walking Man" or "Synthesis of Women".

He does not simply focus on the realist or hyperrealist movement, but also makes bronze sculptures of surrealistic style as his "Bird and Moon" or "Infant Girl of Velázquez". Sculptures inspired by the work of Joan Miró.

Art pieces that represent the most expressiveness of human beings, in a group or individual, and reproductions of well-known sculptures at your grasp thanks to the offer of our art gallery.

Art reproductions by Martin Duque

The great skills are displayed by the hands of Martin Duque, translated into each of his works, be they his own designs or reproductions of classical art, as the "Thinker" or "Kiss" clearly influenced by the great Auguste Rodin.

The perfection of each of his strokes manages to give a touch of life to his sculptures, infusing them with a bit of the soul of the author.

The "Dancer Ballet" by Degas, that conveys so much when you see it in person. This bronze sculpture displays an impressive vitality, where once can almost see the movement. Artwork that is now closer to you, thanks to limited edition reproductions made by this Madrid artist.

On the other hand you will find his homage to Velazquez's Meninas, original yet classic, of a different designs but just as fantastic, perfect as a gift, corporate or personal.

The works of Martin Duque come in different sizes and formats to meet all tastes. They are perfect to be placed in any corner of your home or your office. They are also great as a collection, and you can begin to acquire different pieces a separate as they are always complementary with others; each has own style but it makes them always compatible.

We give you this opportunity to admire the great work of this Mardid artist. Likewish, you have a chance at purchasing his pieces to enjoy or give them to someone important and close to you.

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