Sculptor Moreno Linares

The order and equilibrium are transformed into a sculpture by the hands of sculptor Moreno Linares.

Starting with simple geometric elements, he recreates a particular universe, in which form and order defy gravity. In his study, full airy, compact, calm, perfect, and adorable forms in the midst of creation, everything fills us with a feeling of humility and peace that incites us to contemplation.

The sculptor Moreno Linares works both in wood and in iron to create his sculptures. He also works the dimensions, spaces that create in the air the structure ... His sculptures treat equally the space of matter as the space that is generated the air surrounding it. In short, he gives the same importance to both and it is evident in each of his works.

Moreno Linares takes us to his world. He makes us see in his sculpture a new universe, spaces that deceive our eyes and trick our brains. We can guess the shapes of cubes or only infinite lines that vanish as the sculpture is rotated.

The sculptures of the artist Moreno Linares, have to be contemplated by circling around them. Moreover, each step shows us a new and surprising angle, as if we were looking at different sculptures.

Rusty iron or steel give his sculptures a touch of the environment and nature similar to that of the sculptures of Eduardo Chillida.

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