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Human Sculptures

Since prehistory the human body has been represented, both in paintings and human sculptures.

Whether it was full body, head, hands, or hunting, or simply to leave a mark in time.

Already in prehistory, we can see human sculptures like the Venus of Lespugue or the Venus of Willendorf. Both sculptures refer to motherhood and were made out of bone and the other one of clay. Both are a good exponents of primitive art that already provided us with examples of human sculptures.

Likewise, on the walls of the caves we can see representations of the human body, which have survived to our times.

A quick review of the human history and its cultures and religions, we can contemplate how the representation of the human body is constantly repeated. Either to idealise a god, a military chief, a politician or simply to present mere artistic outlook on it.

From the Asian culture, where we can refer to the discovery of the thousands of Siam warriors found in a tomb. Or the human sculptures of the Japanese samurai.

Also Mesopotamians represented in human sculptures, very hieratic, to persons like the military Xerxes, or Ciro.

In Egyptian culture we also encounter representation of human sculptures. From great monuments to small sculptures, passing through the famous artworks done to commemorate the kings, sarcophagi in the form of a human body, their faces, etc. Beautiful images that we can contemplate at the Museum of Cairo, like the mask of Tutankhamen. As well as other museums in London or Berlin. In the latter we can contemplate the Head of Nefertiti, a unique work full of great beauty.

We cannot forget the Greek Art, from which we continue to draw until today, human sculptures all of exquisite beauty and realism.

Later, the Roman Empire, which copied all of Greek legacy and it maintained it throughout all of its centuries. And also spread it all of the dominated by it countries.

Already in our time, the representation of human sculptures continues to be more popular than ever, in different style and of meanings. But all nonetheless of very valid.

In our art gallery, you can enjoy human sculptures by artists such as Martin Duque, Miguel Guia, Jesus Campos, Lorenzo Quinn, etc.

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