Kids sculptures

The representation of childhood is very recurrent in the world of art.

Reflecting the different stages of childhood, whether in a painting or in kids sculptures

From reflection on a pregnant woman, you can already think of some early kids sculptures, even if he is still unborn.

Kids sculptures tend to idealise the body, depending on whether they are babies or are more teenagers. The bodies are logically very different, since the human body develops attributes with age.

As in the case of male sculptures and female sculptures, the differences between the kids sculptures (boys and girls) are evident. And more, as their bodies evolve at different ages.

We can contemplate kids sculptures such as the Greek Antinous of Farnesio, of an exultant beauty, in the middle of the change from an efob to a man. Antinoo was the mistress of the Emperor Hadrian, and for this reason, many copies have been made at the time, being and remaining a symbol of the beauty of the Epos.

The children have been represented in sculptures by different cultures such as by Greek, Mesopotamian, Egyptian, Pre-Columbian or Asian. The reproduction of works of art depicting children, has left us with a multitude of works of different styles and materials.

Like other types of works, kids sculptures can represent childhood, religion or family. But they express recognition to this very significant to a human being period.

Of course, kids sculptures are shown as a project of the man or woman they are going to be. We always try to see in a child or adolescent how they will look like when they are older. And this is also one of the aims of the art.

It is always moving to contemplate kids sculptures or a painting. Works evoking our youth and making us reflected on our process of evolution.

The contemplation of the pure, the still uncontaminated is always reflected in childhood. And this is one of the reasons why art tries to reflect it.

In our art gallery, you will find a great variety of kids sculptures. Works by such great artists as Martin Duque, Miguel Guia or Jesús Campos.

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