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Abstract Sculptures

The abstract sculptures as part of arts, is a form of artistic representation based on abstract forms and object, a variety which can be very wide depending on the artist and materials used.

If we concentrate on the abstract paintings of Wassily Kandinsky, or even more so, Piet Mondrian (geometric art and fields of color), both artists of 19th century, we can appreciate a total abstraction of their paintings, simple forms or basic colors taking possession of the entire works of art, but which through its abstraction and simplicity envelops us in pure and primal art.

Jackson Pollock Pintando

Continuing with the painting it is worth to take a look at Jackson Pollock and Mark Rothko representing organic abstraction and abstract painting.

Other artists to be considered in this movement are: Barnett Newman, Willem de Kooning, Kazimir Malévich and Clyfford Still.

The abstract art is also represented by Eduardo Chillida and his abstract sculptures in iron or steel, that successfully break the air surrounding them achieving a magical abstraction by twisting or cutting the iron, as present in his Chillida Leku and dimensions of the artwork. On their example we can observe how his abstract sculptures seem to belong to the natural environment, the same goes for the abstract iron sculptures of sculptor Oteiza and his representation of abstract figures. The author ceases the occasion to move them towards a geometric abstraction or geometric sculpture, but let us not forget about his geometric sculptures. Post World War II artists.

Image of El Peine de los vientos by Chillida in Donostia

Henry Moore and his organic abstract sculpture, including the schematic representation which included an abstract sculpture of human figure, we can see a great representation of this abstract art and abstract sculpture in stone at MOMA in New York, and at the Guggenheim Museum. That is where we can appreciate the dimensions of work.

Returning to the prehistoric origins of the sculpture, giving primacy to the puse lines in his abstract works.

These works reach back from prehistoric art to our days. It is no secret that the schematization and abstraction of the reproducible is a constant in art. Either for a religious, mundane or erotic reason.

With the abstraction of forms, we seek to get a simple idea of an object, be it an animal, a person or an everyday object.

In the prehistoric culture, the human figures drawn on the wall, as well as the animals, were totally schematized or idealized with simple schemes within abstraction. Or even, the representation made out of bones being abstract sculptures of animals or people.

The pre-Columbian cultures along with the Egyptian ones, are the best representatives of the abstraction, from their writing to their drawings.

The Arab culture, which also prohibits human representation, is full of symbolism and abstraction.Abstract Sculptures Thinker Rodin as an excuse

Arriving at the last two centuries of our era, when the sculptures have derived to new concepts. It is now, when in the spaces of both the modeled matter and the air that it surrounds, begin to have a total importance.

Artists look in a different way at the way they reflect their art. A more schematic way, where volumes and forms are of major importance. They now propose a break from the above, betting on the construction of a new universe in the world of works of art.

Within the contemporary abstract sculptures, we can find among others:

You will also be able to see works of abstract sculptures by artists such as Roberto Canduela, Juan del Olmo and Toledano.

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