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Jesus Campos is a renown sculptor who offers a variety of pieces of incredibly expressive art.

With a great ability to work on each of his sculptures, this great artist from Alcala de Henares manages to capture strength and delicacy within each stroke, and convey emotions through his art.

Bronze sculptures by Jesus Campos

In his well-known line dedicated to the "Children's World" Jesus Campos is carried away by the children's play and innocence of their movements, translating into each of the artworks those precise line, rogues and innocent gestures of the little ones.

On the other hand, Jesus Campos is inspired by the female body to look for new ideas. We see this tendency in his piece called "Women Pose", where we can admire a very original technique of treating mud prior to applying a bronze finish.

Jesus Campos opens to us a door to his heart providing such artworks as “Hermanos/Brethren”. Here, we see hands of his children holding together with great expressiveness and strength that will move any heart.

Or his sculpture dedicated to motherhood, called "Life (Space)" where we can clearly see the expression of a woman's body during the period of pregnancy, their movements and changes.

Reinterpretations of classic pieces by the sculptor Jesus Campos

Jesus Campos attempts to reinterpret works as recognised as “the Rodin’s thinker”. In this work the resemblance to the original is apparent, yet personal touch is also unmistakable. And he manages to convey the idea behind the great work of Rodin but leaving his own reinterpretation allowing for transmitting to us the idea of all the space surrounding the original.

Jesus Campos also has other abstract lines also found in his "Meninas". In this work the artist reinterpret with a very personal style the so renowned Meninas by Velazquez. He gives it a very personal touch and turning it into one of his most recognised sculptures.

All of Jesus Campos creations are ideal for gifts, personal or corporate. They remain original and very impressive.

Their great decorative value fills the places it is placed at with perfection and air of sensibility.

The artists with whom we cooperate are able to reinterpret most recognisable classic artworks adding value to them, but also to create original artworks filled with emotions and being pure display of perfection of design.

Jesus Campos is an author recognised for the surrealism of his decorative Works. His Works transmit perfection of movement and gestures in each sculpture created. And now, thanks to our art gallery you can also enjoy the sculptures of this great sculptor.

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