Sculptor Roberto Canduela

This Madrid sculptor presents us with a very original and full of details contemporary art that is also abstract.

Roberto Canduela lives art since childhood. His parents instilled in him the interest in art since an early age, taking him to not only the large museums like the Prado, but also varied exhibitions.

This made sculptor Roberto Canduela show interest in art at an early age and later caused him devote himself to sculpture as a profession.

Bronze sculptures by Roberto Canduela

The results obtained in his pieces of art show all the hard work put into them. It is not glamorous but hard and manual labor, taking many hours of work, with very traditional techniques.

The series offered by this great sculptor Roberto Canduela, is based on the myth of Nereids. Nereids are characters of mythological origin, and that lend their names to each of the pieces.

Therefore we have Halia, Erato, Sao and Thetis. They are the pieces in this series and representing Nereids living in the depths of an ocean. They were considered to be the nymphs in classical antiquity.

Each of them represents with great success curvilinear forms of a woman, female and voluptuous, which is combined and harmonise with the movement of the sea and the waves.

The work of Roberto Canduela, and specifically his series devoted to the Nereids are very suggestive, very expressive, representing through the great skills this author, the movement of these mythological creatures through ocean currents.

Roberto Canduela sculptures as gifts

The clean lines of the work yn Roberto Canduela, the smooth and simple forms that are capable of transmitting to us a great expression, are perfect to fit any corner of your house.

Give one of his sculptures to someone you love. And you will be offering a piece of decorative and artistic value.

The works of art created by Roberto Canduela, are clear examples of the work hidden making these sculptures into unique pieces that are perfect for decorating.

Get one for yourself, and you're buying a piece of art that will get distract you. This piece will ward the worries that invade us, even if only for a few minutes at a time.

They are perfect as a prize for an awards ceremony. Either to mark the winning of a competition or in recognition of a remarkable career. As our art gallery also gives you the opportunity to acquire the artwork as personalised gifts.

Roberto Canduela gets a seemingly very heavy object to appear tremendously light, thanks to his skills, twisting metal and work with geometric shapes in each of his sculptures seems just so fluid and smooth.

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