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Erato Sculpture

Roberto Canduela Roberto Canduela


480,00 €

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$580 £426 (estimated exchange)

Height 9.4 inches
Length 3.9 inches
Width 3.9 inches
Weight 3.2 lbs
Finish Dark Bronze
Material The sculpture is made of a layer of bronze on cold smelting of copper with the base of graphite or marble dust.
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Overview: Erato Sculpture

The collection of artworks designed by Canduela, and composed of Halia, Erato, Sao and Tethys is inspired by the myth of the Nereids, mythological figures that give name to the sculptures. In classical antiquity it was believed that the Nereids were the daughters of Nereus and Donis, considered to be sea nymphs, for their habit of living in the depths of ocean. This collection uses female and voluptuous forms, combined with the movement of the sea and waves, creating evocative sculptures that try to capture the movement of a marine being that flows between the currents. Like the mythological figures who were believed to represent everything that is beautiful and kind at sea, this collection attempts to re-create the beauty of a pure and concentrated forms, which with its multiplicity of evocations can, like the myth, be interpreted in many ways but always within a universal spirit.

Material: Dark Bronze

Limited edition of 150 works