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A type of sculpture very popular in Spain are Las Meninas sculptures.

One of the most famous pictures in the Prado museum is the painting by Velázquez "Las Meninas". In addition to other pictures of infantas and queens of the same time period, the most popular picture is that of Las meninas.

In the picture of "Las Meninas" we can contemplate the great sense of composition by Velázquez. We see the painter, painting in his studio the royal family reflected in a mirror from the bottom, and the infants and servants surrounding the family. A palace scene reflected and immortalised by Velázquez. The air in this painting is one of the things most valued by this artists. An atmosphere that only this great Sevillano painter achieves.

Since this painting and this time, different sculptors have interpreted these meninas in different moments of history and styles. One of the first is the chronic group, which in their pop art paintings reflected the very same artwork of Velázquez’s Meninas but with a touch Pop. The brilliant artist Manolo Valdés was one of the representatives of this group. Of his own he interpreted to the distinct meninas of Velázquez. Both in abstract paintings and sculptures.

In Madrid we can find Las Meninas sculptures of Alcobendas, or the heads of Las Meninas sculptures in the airport of Barajas, or in the linear park of the Manzaneras. Also some years ago an itinerant exhibition in different cities of the world has been initiated. This exhibition counted with about 20 meninas sculptures out of which some were up to 2 meters of height. They were displayed in main avenues, parks or different public places. The exposition was a success to the public and critics, internationalising Las Meninas sculptures in many corners of the world.

Las Meninas sculptures by Manolo Valdés, are of a force and expressivity that captivates to the observer, regardless of being made our of wood or bronze. Depicting the girl's main shapes more important the small details.

In our Art Gallery, you can contemplate the following Meninas sculptures:

• The famous Air and metal by Miguel Guia,

• Interpretations of the Meninas of Velázquez by the sculptor Martín Duque

• Meninas Sculptures (spaces) by the sculptor from Alcalá de Henares - Jesús Campos.

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