Sculptor Lorenzo Quinn

The sculptor Lorenzo Quinn is a great artist who offers us a series of very realistic and captivating sculptures.

Known at first as the son of the great actor Anthony Quinn, this this 50 years old Roman living in Spain, has built an impeccable reputation by creating an identity that he manages to capture each and every one of his pieces.

His father influenced his career by sharing with his son the cinema as art. And although he did attempt to enter the world of filmmaking, he soon realised that this was not his path. And he decided to concentrate on art instead.

Lorenzo Quinn intends to communicate by the means of art. And he succeeds at it in each of his artworks, which are simply ravishing, inducing ideas and transmitting feelings.

The bronze sculptures by Lorenzo Quinn

All the artworks created by this artist leave a lasting impression and the details thereof are simply captivating.

Lorenzo Quinn concentrates his work around themes of emotions, values and offers us a series of incredible and captivating pieces.

When he completed his studies he was thinking of becoming a surrealist painter. But when he turned 21, decided to focus on sculpture instead, where he believed he might topple over and represent all his energy and originality.

His works can be found in many private collections. But also at our art gallery. We offer to you exclusive pieces of this great sculptor Lorenzo Quinn to purchase for yourself as well as gifts to someone very special.

Get to take home one of the most emblematic works of the sculptor Lorenzo Quinn and features of this great artist, whose works are spread throughout the world, and can also be enjoyed in open and public spaces.

Give a sculpture by Lorenzo Quinn

The artists most admired by Lorenzo Quinn, and those who have influenced his work are the classics Michelangelo, Rodin and Bernini. All of those great artists who transmitted in each of their piece of art great ability to recreate emotions and scenes with great realism and who were very influential across all times.

All his works are characterised by the energy transmitted. And especially for the originality of each piece, while maintaining a very personal touch making each of them unique.

Acquires one of his works from our gallery, and enter a captivating world of the works of Lorenzo Quinn. This will make a clear before and after cut in your life.

Every time you see a work of this great artist you will easily recognise it and want to have it in your hands. We give you the chance to own them, our catalogue provides you with the best of his works.

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