Sculptor Fernández Delcura

The sculptor Fernandez Delcura has obtained her certification from the Faculty of Fine Arts of Universidad Complutense of Madrid in 1998. Fernandez Delcura specialized in sculptures , but also attempting her skills in drawing, painting, photography, psychology of image and other areas that allow one to become a great contemporary artist.

However, to enter the Faculty of Fine Arts she prepared in Madrid, at the Peña Academy of Drawing. Fernandez Delcura achieved a score of 9.5 and ranking among the top 25 students. So we can say that her talent could only improve because Conchi Fernandez Delcura had innate talent when she began her studies.

Fernandez Delcura Sculptures

During her education she always sought ways to capture the movement, balance, body weight, etc. And as we can see in her works Fernandez Delcura has achieved this with a great ease.

Expressiveness presented in all her works turns us into participants of what they represent. It is with great ease in each of the strokes sculpted by this artist, with every stylised line and the perfect proportions applied.

Her collection called "Movements Olympic" consists of four different figures which Fernandez Delcura offers us. She plays with the movements. She gives importance to characteristic gestures of athletes, presenting details which can’t be ignored. And you are called to contemplate for long each of the pieces.

Created with a dark bronze finish, these sculptures are part of a limited edition with a very low number of copies crafted making them furthermore unique.

Sculptures by Fernandez Delcura as gifts

Her creations are so special they are ideal as very personal gift. But also can be seen as part of a collection to be purchased one by one to form a series.

They complement each other, but do just fine as individual pieces. Each and every of sculptures by Conchi Fernandez Delcura can make for iconic gift to the one you love. Or to gift as a corporate detail, as they all are of incredible quality.

The movement, the volume obtained in all her artworks cause us to see each of them with greater realism.

The ability with which she achieves representation of human body, the movement of body while exercising shown in her works only furthermore proves her great skill and talent.

Our art gallery offers you the opportunity to obtain Works by Fernandez Delcura. For your personal delight or to offer as a gift. Regardless of the purpose for this purchase it will be a success. And due to it you will be able to enjoy great art at your home or workspace.

Visit our art gallery now and discover all the art we can offer you. The choice of artists working in different bronze forms leaving us with very unique set at your grasp.

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