Sculptor Toledano

The order and balance are being transfomed in the hands of the sculptor José Luis Toledano. Apart from the education in the workshop of the other great sculptor, Miguel Ángel Sánchez, the expert in the multiple plastic recources that are required by this profession, his taste for the characteristic forms of architecture can be noticed.

Dividing the simple geometrical elements, the sculptor Toledano is recreating a particular universe. In this universe the form and the order are challenging the gravity. In his studio, full of graceful, compact, calm, perfect and adorable forms, the way he carries out the work is filling us with a feeling of humility and peace that incite us to contemplation.

Jose Luis Toledano is a sculptor who was born in Madrid’s Alcalá de Henares. He manages to create each of his pieces out of order and balance.

Fascinated by architectural forms, Toledano was trained at the workshop of Miguel Angel Sanchez. There, he acquired his great knowledge of the different artistic resources required by sculpture.

Out of the simplest geometric elements, Toledano is able to create pieces of art really beautiful and amazing. The pieces represent a particular characteristic of the universe.

Sculptures by José Luis Toledano

All his sculptures defy gravity for the impossible forms displayed. And the order is crucial to the whole.

The sculptures of Toledano are creations of compact forms flowing in air, space and tranquility. All the shapes used are well-defined, very pleasing to the eye and perfect both in its execution and the result obtained.

The mere contemplation of each and every one of his works invites us to unwind and relax, abstracting from our thoughts.

The play of colors within his works in bronze is always impeccable and manages to convey emotions.

Sculptures of Toledano as gifts

The pieces and works of art offered to us by this Madrid sculptor are perfect as a gifts for your loved ones.

Anyone receiving a gift of a Toledano’s sculpture, will appreciate the great work that shows in each of his sculptures. Their original designs they make them perfect as a decorative detail of any corner of your special place.

The works of the sculptor Toledano are ideal for both home and office. They are also very suitable as rewards in contests, awards commemorating a career, or as a trophy to a winner.

Our gallery offers you the great work of José Luis Toledano, so you can admire and acquire it, with all the guarantees and certificates possible.

Purchase one of the emblematic artworks of Sculptor Toledano and discover the power of relaxation they hold by conveying a sense of peace and humility that will simply fill you.

Custom Art

Our art gallery offers you the opportunity to buy custom art. Our sculptors can realize any order, be it some kind of sporting event or business award, or something more personal.

The end result always fits the tastes and desires that were requested be the sculpture an original creation or a reproductions of a classic art, to perfection.

Additionally, the sculptors we work can make a re-interpretation of the classics, giving them a personal, more modern and contemporary twist, while maintaining the essence of the piece as created by the original artist.

In any case, all the pieces of art that we make available are of the highest quality. The pieces created by the best sculptors of the time, prestigious and of tremendous skill using their tools to get such fantastic results as you see here.

Art with all the guarantees
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