Animal sculptures in contemporary art gallery

Animal Sculptures

Already in the prehistoric caves like Altamira we can contemplate the artistic representations of animals. In many caves of our ancestors, we can see painted and coloured figures of different animals. At first the motifs of these paintings were intended to favour hunting or simply aesthetic. In turn since that times, we can see sculptures of animals carved in bone, wood, or stones. Also, we can see animals sculptures of deer heads, horse heads etc.

Throughout different periods and artistic styles, the representation of animal sculptures has always had an artistic or religious purpose for the expression.

In Asia, we can see animal sculptures, soldiers mounted on their horses, or chariots pulled by horses. In the Mesopotamian culture we can contemplate many animal sculptures, mythological or religious or translating the feeling of power, lions, elephants etc. symbolise a power of man.

During Egyptian culture, animals and their representation in sculpture have always been related to gods. A cat represented the goddess Bastet, a falcon represented Horus, god of the sun, a crocodile - god Sobek. A jackal and innumerable animal sculptures represented different gods.

In ancient Greece the representations of animals were smaller, but also in the Roman empire, especially in the scope of daily subjects or soldiers on horseback, the birth of Rome for instance has always been represented by a she-wolf feeding Romulus and Remus.

Also the pre-Columbian culture and their representations of animal sculptures. Examples include falcons, crocodiles, monkeys, pumas, and many other South American animals.

Throughout Africa there have always been animal sculptures, Lions, Elephants, Gazelles, representing their qualities, strength, power, speed.

In Hindu culture, an animal stood out above the others, being highly revered and used as animal sculpture. The elephant, which has been closely tied throughout the centuries to the whole tradition of this culture, in particular. Another outstanding animal in this culture is the monkey, which also represents many of the animal sculptures in its history.

In the art gallery Buysculpture, you can find representation of works of art with animals. Works such as the bulls of the sculptor Pedrin, the cubist horse of Miguel Guia, or a winged horse of Martin Duque.

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