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Weightless balloon dog Expand

Weightless balloon dog

Miguel Guía Miguel Guía


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Height 29 cm / 11.4 inches
Length 6.5 cm / 3.5 inches
Width 6.5 cm / 2.5 inches
Weight 0.8 kg / 1.7 lbs
Finish Nickel
Material The sculpture is made of a layer of nickel on cold smelting of copper with the base of graphite or marble dust.
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The artwork: Sculpture Weightless balloon dog

Miguel Guía presents in his personal and artistic version a new sculpture of the Balloon Dog series inspired by the famous work of Jeff Koons. Decidedly characterized by an emphasis on the feeling of weightlessness through the imitation of the flight of a real balloon.

Sculpture belonging to Pop Art with a very modern color finish.

Limited edition of 299 works

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