Dark Bronze Finish Sculptures

The dark bronze finish gives the sculptures more pronounced appearance of strength as contrasted by the finesse of other finishes such as blue finish.

The dark bronze finish sculptures are made with a layer of bronze on cold smelting copper, with base of graphite, limestone and marble dust.

BuySculpture places at your fingertips the ability to purchase the most incredible dark bronze finished sculptures in the market.

We work with prestigious European sculptors, recognized even globally, providing us with their exclusive and original works.

Main characteristics of the dark bronze finish

When a sculpture is finished in dark bronze, we are surprised by its great realism. It possesses such a force that one is under impression it will come to live at any moment.

That's why the pieces depicting a human or an animal, in the realistic style, made with this technique excite us just by looking at them, as it is not hard to believe they are real.

Moreover, if the sculpture is impeccable as in case of the artworks provided by our team of sculptors, the result is much more realistic and impressive.

Something similar happens to the modernist or surrealist sculptures with this dark bronze finish, they are able to convey emotions with greater ease, despite representing the idea of the author through a more symbolic and less realistic style.

Variety of design in dark bronze

Buysculptures offers you a wide choice of designs in the dark bronze finish. Our authors create their artworks following their instincts and knowledge, this results in very different designs.

We have exclusive and original works made by sculptors of great prestige, but also reproductions of great artworks of the past in millimeter-precise copies, as well as reinterpretations of well-known pieces. All are made by renowned contemporary European sculptors offering you their personal on look on everything they touch.

Different styles in dark bronze

Dark Bronze sculptures are so different from each other, as the artists working for our art gallery, as each of them captures in each piece their own inimitable style.

At BuySculpture you can choose from different styles, but one thing is clear, is the great strength that transmit from the dark bronze finish and the great precision that their authors achieved makes this finish stand out .

If you are more partial to the modern or cubist style, you can buy different works depict perfectly the idea that their sculptors have sought. However, if you like a more realistic style BuySculpture offers you pieces designed with care and precision that will impress you with their great expressiveness.

How is the dark bronze finish obtained

The finish of the sculptures can be very different, and can be the key to a greater or lesser success, since it is in the artist's hands to choose what kind of finish to pick to achieve desired and unique effect.

The technique of obtaining the dark bronze is similar to that of other colors. A patina is applied at the end of the process, achieving this extremely realistic and forceful air.

Working with dark bronze: the sculpture

Different methods are used to achieve the dark bronze, the most traditional consist of crafting a replica of the original design carved out of another material, such as wood, clay, etc., and working on that replica until obtaining the final result.

The core of work is done by the sculptor though design and crafting of this mold.

It is then covered with a layer of silicone rubber to create a rubber mold of the same object. This mold is filled with wax and allowed to cool, to obtain an exact version of the sculpture, only in wax.

The wax sculpture is then coated with a ceramic and hot steam is pressed inside to make the wax melt leaving a hollow ceramic case behind.

Flowingly, it is filled with molten bronze at 1140 degrees for a few minutes to obtain the final sculpture in exact proportion to the original design of the sculptor.

This method is more expensive for it is time and labor consuming. As result we have decided to adapt to the needs of today's customers, offering sculptures with a layer of bronze on cold smelting of copper, on the base of graphite and limestone, and with the various possible finishes. Thus making the acquiring of excellent quality pieces of art more feasible.

Working with the dark bronze: the finish

After having obtained the final sculpture in bronze, and it being precise copy of the original he has presented to us, the sculptor labors in providing it with the wished finish.

The piece must be first polished well enough to remove all the debris, and then give the desired finish.

To give the sculpture a more robust and firmer look with more pronounced lines the dark bronze finish is applied.

The value of a sculpture with dark bronze finish

Offered by BuySculpture sculptures mostly belong to limited editions, with a very low number of copies made, giving each of them greater value.

As each is hand made by our sculptors, and also custom versions can be crafted per request, each is unique.

Acquiring a sculpture as an investment

Invest in art and you will be gaining, art appreciates over time, and in the case of our artworks you receive all the documents certifying their authenticity.

The sculptures BuySculpture brings you are always accompanied by a certificate of originality and a number of copyright.

Give a sculpture with dark bronze finish

An original and unique gift that surprised everyone receiving it, its high quality, and the accompanying certificates only increase its value.

Our gallery offers you the possibility of giving art and enjoying doing it.

Art with all the guarantees
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