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A boy with balloon Big

Miguel Guía Miguel Guía


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Height 18.1 inches / 46 cm
Length 3.5 inches / 9 cm
Width 9.05 inches / 23 cm
Weight 2.9 lbs / 6.3 kg
Finish Bonze
Material This sculpture is made by lost wax bronze casting.
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Overview: Sculpture A boy with balloon Big

(Lost wax bronze casting) A boy with blue balloon, sculpture precedent to "Girl with red balloon", from the Gráffiti collection.

Miguel Guía seeks in this sculpture to represent the silhouette of a boy in the “Graffiti” style, like a drawing on a wall. In this work it a bright blue metallic nickel heart-shaped balloon stands out.

The artist tries to take the street art style that Banksy manages to transmit, to a three-dimensional representation, as we could appreciate in Banksy's work "Girl with Balloon". The artist from Madrid, inspired by his previous work "The girl and a balloon", adds to this piece the metallic blue effect for us to appreciate. The same effect as found in “balloon dog" by the American artist Jeff Koons the living icon of the "Pop Art" artists, whom Guia admires, proposing this fusion of styles within his own sculpture.

This sculpture moves us into a universe of urban art, emerging on the street, always seeking to surprise and denounce current and universal issues through street art.

Limited edition of 199 works