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Throughout the history the male sculptures have been represented often hunting, in the prehistoric times, or the war, in other times of history. We see also many male sculptures in different religions.

Man as the center of the universe, male sculptures such as Vitruvian man Leonardo Da Vinci. It is the representation of the relation of the man with everything that surrounds him, and one of the most genial works of the history on the man.

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Another famous work, this time of the genius Miguel Angel Buonarotti, is the David. It is considered one of the most beautiful sculptures in art. It represents a man on the border of youth and maturity, and in turn it shows us the triumph of David against Goliath.

Another work of Michelangelo Buonarotti, the Moses. It is a religious work, but we are struck while contemplating it by its strength and rotundity. The Moses is seated, resounded by the air of maturity, in full reflection on the divinity, of the messages sent by his god.

In all cultures, whether Asian, Western, African, or pre-Columbian, man has been represented. Male Sculptures were used by each culture to represent different ideas of the everyday life, their religions or as a symbol of political or military power.

The history is full of these male sculptures, for example in the Roman empire, the representation of Cesar. Both sculpture on horseback and without it, have always been made to immortalise a military chief, to commemorate a won battle, and so on.

Even more so in our times, the male sculptures, have gained many more motives for the representation. For instance the mere representation of the masculine, the portraying or assertion of the human body. Or otherwise, the normality and mundane character thereof.

Artists like Auguste Rodin, have modelled male sculptures as the thinker, the citizens of Calé, etc. The strength of these sculptures leads us to a more internal world of the human being.

Or the more schematic male sculptures like those of Alberto Giacometti and his famous andantes. In them, space and movement, gains the most realistic form of art, but emanate much strength and expressiveness.

In our art gallery, you can find different styles and forms of male sculptures by a variety of artists. Examples of this, the andante of Martin Duque, or the Guitarist of Miguel Guia.

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