Female Sculptures

Throughout the history representations of the female body has been repeated ever since the very start.

Already in prehistory female sculptures as well as wall paintings of women were made. The Venus of Willendorf or the Venus of Lespugue, are some of the best known examples of the female sculptures, representing the fertile feminine body.

Throughout the history, at different times and in numerous styles, women have been represented in sculptures, showing different approaches; religious, fertility, sexual, beauty, or a simply of exaltation of the feminine.

In Asia many female sculptures, like the goddess Shiva, were created. In ancient Greece one finds many goddesses representing different forms of divinity. Some examples of this are: the goddess of war, goddess of the hunt etc. Later in the Roman Empire, different divinities were also copied or created that were also women and also made into female sculptures, for instance the goddesses of justice, of the arts, etc.

One of the most famous female sculptures is the renown Venus de Milo. A sculpture that survived to our times without arms, but which is a very important representation of the woman's body. A work of art full of grace and movement.

Other female sculptures that are among the most representative in the history, can be Equestrian Joan of Arc that we can see in Paris, the Goddess Nike or Victory of Samothrace in the Louvre, the Piety of Michelangelo Buonarotti in the Vatican (Rome) or The Dancer of Degás.

Another very famous female sculptures is The Little Mermaid in Copenhagen.

From another epoch (fifth century BC) is the lady of Elche. A sculpture with a force of execution in stone, with a headdress of clothes and jewels that adorned to the woman in that time. Thanks to the sculptures we can now know many customs and fashions of different eras.

In our art gallery you can find artists like Miguel Guia or Martin Duque. Sculptors that in some of their sculptures represent the entire female world, with their female sculptures.

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