Face Sculptures

The expression of the human being has always been a reason for artistic representation. Face Sculptures or paintings representing the face of some person, has been repeated in history in many different ways.

In the prehistory, although very schematic, they represented the faces of hunting figures . Or simply by the simple act of reproducing them, in the carved Venus found in the caves, we also see represented the face sculptures, although very simple.

In other cultures, Asian, African, Mesopotamian, European, Greek, sculptors have often represented face sculptures. The purpose was to commemorate a historical person, whether political, military or scholar.

Thanks to these types of sculptures or paintings, we can give faces to the characters from the history of the world. Examples of this may be: Alexander the Great, Plato, Caesar, Tutankhamen, Nefertitis, Napoleon, etc.

The portraits or face sculptures, have varied with time and styles. From idealised representations or simple outlines, to very real faces. The character of the portrait was sought after, such as the portrait of Innocent X painted by Diego Velázquez, or his auto portrait, too real.

Likewise, there are works of art of realistic faces, Impressionists, Cubists, Expressionists etc.

The list of sculptures of realistic faces is extensive and ranges from the fifteenth century to the present day. Later, the impressionist began in the eighteenth century and the cubist in the twentieth. And more recent, the faces in sculptures have become hyperrealistic.

The most reporesanatie of realists is Rembrandt, in impressionism Auguste Rodín, of cubists - Picasso or Juan Gris and in the hyperrealism - Antonio López.

Whatever, the style of the face sculptures, the intention is not always the same. Sometimes the artist tries to idealise a character, other times tries to reflect the way of being, and yet another as in the Egyptian culture, goes beyond and tries to reflect even a status of the character adorning them with gold, lapis lazuli, etc.

The face sculptures try to show us the natural reality of a person, strength or character.

In the Buysculpture art gallery, you can find face sculptures by the artists Miguel Guia, Martin Duque, etc.

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