Hand Sculptures

Hand sculptures have always been considered special. From prehistoric times, where the man left the imprints of his hand on the walls of caverns, to the most beautiful hands modelled with all its beauty of form and movement.

The incredible ease of man to do things with his hands is one of the human qualities of his progress. A privileged brain, compared to that of many animals, and hands capable of doing what our brains can think up.

Those hands in history have created friendships, cherished loved ones, carved out the earth, made tools, held arms, and killed enemies with them or simply modelled or painted all kinds of art, all with the hands.

In turn these hands have always been represented in art, hand sculptures. They are an important tool that gives to a sculpture a gesture or allows it to indicate something with its mere pose.

One of the most famous representation of hands is to be found in the picture of Miguel Angel Buonarotti, the creation. The God appears on it with his outstretched hand giving life to lying down Adam, his two hands about to touch and the entire atmosphere around him.

Throughout the history of art times when hands were represented in sculpture are numerous. Currently, the sculptor Lorenzo Quinn has done many works. In them, the hands cover a special manner of representing different emotions, a magical lyricism, to express tenderness, love, serenity, etc.

Another great artist who has represented hand sculptures in his works is Botero. In Madrid we can contemplate one of them, it represents an entire bet for the expressiveness of an artistic deformity that has always worked for this artist.

Auguste Rodin also shows us in his hand sculptures an overwhelming force. It can be seen both in simple - hand sculptures and in the hands of many of his works. To mention only the hands of the Thinker and the raised hand of the Citizens of Calé.

We cannot forget the expressiveness that hand sculptures have given to the art world. The neoclassical period, with more realism and movement, has taken the hand sculptures to their maximum exponential.

In our art gallery of Buysculpture, you can contemplate a great variety of hand sculptures. Works of art by great artists such as Lorenzo Quinn, Miguel Guía etc.

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