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If want to expand your collection of paintings, the pictorial works you will find here will provide your collection with great artistic value through contemporary painting.

Buy contemporary painting in art gallery


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Buy contemporary painting in art gallery


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contemporary painting in art gallery

Painter Royo

The impressionist painter Royo, born in Valencia (Spain) in 1941 could be recognized in a style that shares similarity with Sorolla but keeps the distances standing out through his style and compositions.

Royo is a value always on the rise, has been collected over the past decades and demonstrated worldwide its expertise. His work, imbued with the Light of the Mediterranean, which he has always lived with, conveys warmth and magical beauty with determined and vibrant brushstrokes.

In Buysculpture we sell his works with hand carved and decorated wooden frames following the instructions of the artist.

Joaquín Sorolla (1863-1923), the reference painter of the valencian school ,entered the orphanage with his sister Eugenia Eugenia when he was only 2 years old

His uncle, a locksmith, tried to teach him his profession without success, since his vocation was painting, starting with studying drawing at the EAV (Valencia). His main works are exhibited in his Museum in New York, the Hispanic Society.

Painter Julio Vizcaíno

Julio Vizcaíno was born in Mexico in 1986. He studied Pastel Techniques and attended

the National School of Art from 2004, where he achieves a deep classical preparation. His firsts works are done in large murals for churches and public buildings in Morelia and Mexico

D.F. His meeting in Madrid with the world known painter Pedro Campos, whose advice and guidance are decisive, determined his dedication to hyperrealism, a form of artistic expression in which he expresses technical expertise and great sensitivity.

Painter Miguel Guía

Miguel Guía was born in Madrid on October 29, 1960. Since he was a child, he lived day to day in the artistic reproductions company of his father, Miguel grows always seeing art to his around, watching to work and modeling many sculptors of different styles, classics, impressionists, constructivists, etc. in addition to learning all the modeling techniques, materials and molds. Immersed in a familiar environment in which Miguel models, paints, designs and where everything comes together to develop a creative spirit and a special spirit sensitivity for beauty in all its forms of expression.

Oil Painting Technics

Among other techniques, oil painting stands out since it is a type of paint that consists of mixing color pigments crushed with flaxseed oil, although poppy seed oil is widely used too. The substrate, usually canvas or board, upon which the painted is deposited, must be covered with a primer so that the paint layer can adhere to it. An additional step that is crucial to the creative process and also means that it can be adapted to many types of surfaces.

Painting and contemporary art

In the art of contemporary painting, oil pigments are still dominant, although other techniques have come to complement it.

Street art in force since the mid-twentieth century has been based mainly on aerosol paint and on any surface, including walls in public spaces, although the Spanish artist Belin, (Miguel Ángel Belinchón), better known as Belin from the city of Linares (Jaén) September 26, 1979, shows us the opposite by showing us his paintings masterfully painted in the use of spray.

Self-taught plastic artist, from an early age had the initiative to stay creative at all times and in all aspects. This concern remains until his high school years, when he studies the artistic baccalaureate in the city of Jaén. After trying to adapt to an obsolete artistic education program, he decides to defect and search libraries, museums and other experimental functions to unleash the inventiveness he had in mind.

The canvas is often not prepared so that its texture can be seen under the layer of paint, as some abstract painters have done. Jackson Pollock, for example, painted his canvases using a drip technique; when shaking his brush he created touches of paint on the canvas. With a technique that came up under the name of "action painting".

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