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From the beginnings of mankind art has been created in different materials and to represent different cultural, religious, militaristic, or simply artistic needs. The people who made sculptures are called sculptors.

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Already our ancestors who carved the bone or modelled the mud were sculptors. They reflected in their works Venus that represented the fertility of the woman or animals to favour the hunting or simply depicted their gods.

The artistic representations made by sculptors had a very significant role in the evolution of cultures. Studies of these sculptures and their interpretation has allowed us to understand these cultures better.

Just looking at the Asian cultures such as China, that have left us multitude of military and religious sculptures, they provide us with valuable information on the sculpture they originate from.

Similarly, the Hellenic culture, from its beginnings on Knosos, throughout the other Hellenic cultures. They have left us a legacy of many artists who developed multitude of sculptural representation styles of human beings and animals. An evolution that was later on picked up by the Roman Empire and its sculptors.

The Egyptians throughout all the centuries of their empires left us with an incredible sculptural works. It is true that almost all of them are representations of their gods and kings. The artists were keen on depicting military victories, creating commemorative sculptures of kings, or simply sculptures of their divinities.

In the American continent sculptors of the different pre-Columbian civilisations have also left us sculptures that inform us about their cultures, wars, empires and kings.

From these civilisations to the present day the sculptors have been evolving and creating new styles and languages. All this has given the sculpture different sources of inspiration. Whether they are realist sculptors, impressionists, cubists, abstract ... Or more currently hyperrealism, with its more artistic interest and focus on the development of art than just in the mere religious or military uses thereof. Art as something sensitive and evocative. Sculptures that want to tell us something and transfer the idea of their authors to the onlookers.

In the art gallery Buysculpture, you can find sculptors of recognised prestige and representing different styles. E.g: realistic, impressionist, abstract, cubist.