Blue Finish Bronze Sculptures

In our gallery you will find at your fingertips various sculptures with blue bronze finish that will impress with their realism and their ability to convey emotions.

The sculptures in blue bronze are made with a layer of bronze on cold smelting copper, based on limestone and graphite with polished finishes.

BuySculpture is your benchmark in the art world, and proves it by offering the works of great sculptors from all over Europe, recognized worldwide like Miguel Guia, Pedrín or Toledano.

Blue bronze finish of the sculptures

This finish gives each work a brutal realism, which in turn creates almost cold result, water like, that makes you suspect that touching it will cause a chilling sensation.

The group of artists takes great care to achieve the best effect with each work, focusing on every detail, artistic and physical alike. The use of more accurate material allows achieve the most faithful reproductions of the works with the perfect finish at a very affordable price.

The gentleness conveyed by the blue finish, allows the sculptor to work on the piece with this objective, to provide the beholder with a sense of finesse and fragility.

Great artists who work with us are able to achieve that goal, and get a metal such as brass to seem fragile and delicate.

Sculptures of original design.

We offer a choice of different designs, unique, which fit perfectly with your taste in art and particularly in sculptures.

The artists in our BuySculpture team are able to obtain amazing creations in bronze blue and perfectly reproduce famous works from the past.

Similarly, many of them also create great reinterpretations of known to all pieces, giving them a personal touch and maintain the essence of the original artwork.

Bronze as a sculpture material

The Greeks and Egyptians were the first to attempt making life-size sculptures of humans in bronze.

However, prior civilizations are known to have created smaller figurines made out of this material, and the technique of bronze casting is known to man since the Bronze Age, 3500 years a.d..

Ancient civilizations this artworks as offerings to the gods, which in turn resulted in preservation of many of these statuettes in good condition, and due to it we were able to discover this part of art history.

The process behind each sculpture

Artists using traditional the bronze techniques to created sculptures follow a laborious and time-consuming process, but it yields excellent results, with amazing ease and precision. Unfortunately, the cost thereof is very high.

We craft each piece with a layer of bronze on cold smelting copper and the desired finish, thus achieving the same effect via a less expensive process and making the artwork more affordable.

The traditional way of working with bronze

The bronze sculpture is done through a very elaborate process that begins in making an exact replica of the piece, but in a different material for instance; plaster, wood or clay.

This replica is treated and covered with a silicone rubber to create a mold, which is subsequently filled with hot wax to obtain a replica of our piece.

The next step is to dip the new replica in ceramic and then remove the wax from the inside by a process of hot vapor. This results in yet another replica but this time it is a hollow ceramic version, that is to be filled once again, but now with molten bronze, thereby obtaining the final sculpture after breaking the covering it ceramic layer.

Blue patina to finish the bronze sculpture

The artist's work starts with the design of the sculpture and last until the desired finish is obtained.

In case of the blue finish, the artwork has to be cleaned and polished, then treated with a patina that will give the appearance that the sculptor is looking for.

The patina is the last step in the work of the sculptor, it is a creative process that gives the final touch the work itself and also protects the metal from deterioration which may occur with time.

It is a process of artificially oxidizing the piece of art, in order to give it a concrete finish, which differentiates it from the others.

The colors of patina can vary, in this case the blue color is chosen by our artists to obtain a delicate and very natural effect conveying a lot of energy.

Obtain your dream blue bronze sculpture.

Our gallery offers bronze sculptures with blue finish you were looking for. They come at very affordable price and are signed by of the great sculptors of our time.

Acquire an artwork in blue bronze

Enjoy the opportunity we offer. Get the most beautiful sculptures of the time. Artists working with our art gallery are recognized worldwide for their excellent skills at bonze working.

Choose the piece you desire and acquire it, to enjoy it whenever you want.

Blue Bronze sculpture as gifts

A perfect gift either be it corporate or personal. The sculptures with blue bronze finish display an exquisite finesse that everyone receiving it will value highly.

Additionally, our sculptures can make original and unique sculptures, but also replicas of renowned works or reinterpretations of classics with personal touch. This unique variety of limited edition sculptures found at our gallery allows you to pick and choose according to your taste.

Blue bronze sculptures with added value

Each and every artwork offered by Buysculpture come with certificate of originality and with their individual number of copyright.

Therefore each piece acquired at our gallery will not only hold the value of purchase price, but thanks to the certificates will turn into a wise investment.

Art with all the guarantees
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