Nickel finish Sculptures

Our gallery presents bronze sculptures with nickel chrome finish you always desired.

The sculptures are made with nickel finish on a layer of bronze on cold smelting copper based, then finished by polish and oxidation.

They are magnificent works that represent the uniqueness of nickel in their finish, achieving a bright and vibrant outer layer while giving the artwork an air of grandeur, differentiating it from all the rest.

Chrome finish

It is a finish that confers to the piece a great resistance to oxidation and corrosion, by making it much more resistant.

However, the most characteristic is its shiny and slick appearance, which makes the sculpture look more robust and solid.

Sculptures in Chrome: the design

The sculptors who work with us in BuySculpture design and create their own works, being the most worldwide recognized European artists of today, and giving us the chance to admire their creations, both for our personal enjoyment and to give them to others.

The design of each of the pieces is linked to a distinctive artistic style, allowing them to show the greatest essence of their authors.

However, our sculptors are also open to crafting custom pieces, following the directions of customers, or to provide us with perfect reproductions of well-known classics.

At our gallery you can also find, reinterpretations of the classics, given vision and focus by renowned modern artist, but remaining based in works recognizable by us all.

An original and unique way to acquire an amazing pieces of art, whether to enjoy at you home, office, or to give as a gift.

Our group of sculptors lends maximum attention to the craftsmanship of their works, to achieving perfect results by focusing on both the material and artistic aspects.

They procure a faithful reproduction of each piece through the use of appropriate, high quality, materials and giving them a perfect finish.

Bronze as the material for sculptures throughout the history

The human beings melted bronze since 3500 a.d., and in fact, today we still possess thousands of bronze statuettes of ancient civilizations created and delivered to the gods as an offerings, and a lot of them remain in perfect condition until this day.

Egypt and Greece where the first civilizations to use bronze as a material for making sculptures of human figures, life-size.

Nickel chrome finish is one of the many finishes that can be given to these sculptures.

Process of creating sculptures

Our group of artists knows perfectly the technique for making bronze sculptures, and as all can see have mastered it obtaining wonderful results that we are available for purchase from our art gallery.

The sculptors working with bronze for BuySculpture use different finishes in result providing everyone the possibility of creating private collections.

Bronze sculptures: the process

Working with bronze is very laborious process requiring time and accuracy at each stage, from the first replica of the final piece, to obtain the result we shall see at the end, and any mistake committed between that first and the final version will be noted.

The traditional technique of creating bronze sculptures is very costly and time-consuming.

At first artist crafts a replica of the original design carved out of another material, such as wood, clay, etc., and working on that replica until obtaining the final result.

The core of work is done though designing and crafting of this mold.

It is, then, covered with a layer of silicone rubber to create a rubber mold of the same object. This mold is filled with wax and allowed to cool, to obtain an exact version of the sculpture, only in wax.

The wax sculpture is then coated with a ceramic and hot steam is pressed inside to make the wax melt leaving a hollow ceramic case behind.

Flowingly, it is filled with molten bronze at 1140 degrees for a few minutes to obtain the final sculpture in exact proportion to the original design of the sculptor.

This method is more expensive for it is time and labor consuming. As result we have decided to adapt to the needs of today's customers, offering sculptures with a layer of bronze on cold smelting of copper, on the base of graphite and limestone, and with the various possible finishes. Thus making the acquiring of excellent quality pieces of art more feasible.

The chrome finish

At BuySculpture we work each sculpture with a layer of bronze on cold smelting copper, as we have already mentioned, on the base of graphite and calcite, and then given a finish for instance nickel chrome one.

Thus we can provide our art sculptures are much more affordable and accessible to the general public.

As we stated, the finishes can be very different, blue, green, dark, nickel… The artists decide what aspect to give their works by precisely choosing the finish used.

In fact, the same piece in different finishes can seem very different- variety is the richness of this art provided by our team.

Purchase of sculptures in bronze with Chrome finish

At BuySculpture you find the best sculptures with nickel chrome finish on the market.

As we've already mentioned, are not only original sculptures of each artist, but also you reproductions of works of art already known, or reinterpretations of the most emblematic works.

Gift of chrome finished sculpture

A gift? Certainly, it will be a success due to its very striking appearance, and anyone who receives it will know to value it.

We also offer other sculptures per request and have been requested numerous times to provide some as prizes for some events.

The high shine of these artworks gives them presence and personality superior to all the rest, thus making for a beautiful and valuable gift.

Sculptures which value appreciates

All of the sculptures from our extensive catalog are accompanied by a certificate of originality and a number of copyright. This certainly adds value to each of them.

If you plan to buy a piece for yourself, these certificates ascertain that it is an investment, but if plan to purchase one as a gift, or even as a prize, the recipient thereof will appreciate it much more if it is accompanied by the mentioned certificate.

BuySculpture is your art gallery, and is here to uncover for you a world of captivating bronze sculptures.

Art with all the guarantees
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