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BuySculpture is an art gallery that offers a variety of works created by the best of contemporary artists.

Are our artists are European, but known worldwide. Ware fortunate to be able to offer their best Works to our clients.

The sculptures of oxidized bronze finish are made with a layer of bronze on cold smelting copper, based on graphite and limestone, and finally given the oxidized finish. They are very characteristic and we offer a variety of them.

Characteristics of the oxidized bronze finished sculptures

The aging of the sculptures by the choice of oxidized bronze finish is perhaps its most striking feature. This style manages to capture perfectly the passage of time offering to the beholder a wonderful work with a spectacular finish.

The different artworks with this finish, which we at BuySculpture can offer, are a clear example of the precision and perfection with which our sculptors work.

The sculptures found in our offer are very unique due to different sizes, with varied designs, and the fact of being part of limited editions.

Designs, sizes and forms of our sculptures

The sizes of the sculptures you can find in our gallery vary, as does the weight which depends greatly of the size of each piece.

There are pieces of ca.30 cm height and weighting approximately 3 kg and other pieces approaching 50 centimeters weighing less than 2 kg. The variations are due to the type of design in question.

Our artists, however are open to individual orders, whether to reproduce an existing work, reinterpret or create a new one; so if you wish you can order a sculpture finished in oxidized bronze made by your favorite artist

The historical evolution of bronze sculpture

The man learned how to melt metal over 3500 ago during the Bronze Age. This material has been used by many civilizations to create figurines and present as offerings to their gods.

Bronze is a material that the great civilizations of antiquity used, as we can see by the thousands of works and exhibitions that have survived to this day.

Although most of the bronze sculptures that were made in classical antiquity and which have survived to our times are small, we are aware that larger were made as well.

The Greeks and Egyptians were the pioneers of life-size bronze sculptures.

Oxidized bronze finish: sculptures

The bronze sculptures also called bronzes can have different types of finishes.

The oxidized bronze finish gives the sculpture a look of longer passage of time, leaving it with the impression of age.

An ideal type of technique for reproductions of ancient art to present the air of antiquity in a natural manner.

This material is perfect for artworks because when the bronze is melted it reaches the deepest crevices of the mold, allowing the sculptors achieve greater realism in their works.

How bronze works for sculptures

The sculptors working by the traditional method begin by making a replica of their work in softer material such as wood, clay or plaster. This replica is reworked, covered with a layer of silicone rubber which upon hardening results in a perfectly detailed silicon mold.

This mold is then filled with hot wax and cooled- getting an exact replica of the final sculpture but in wax. This replica is submerged in a ceramic material and the ceramic coating is then reinforced with silica powder.

Then subjected to superheated steam until the wax inside melts leaving a hollow ceramic sculpture. Ceramic sculpture act as a final mold to cast bronze at 1140 degrees Celsius, which solidifies in a few minutes. After the ceramic mold is broken it reveals the bronze statue. All that is left to do is to clean and polish it.

As you can see, it is a very labor extensive technique, takes much time and thus is very expensive. The works obtained by the traditional way are often very expensive.

At BuySculpture we work on the sculptures with a layer of bronze on cold smelting copper, with the base of graphite and calcite. Thus pieces created at our workshop are available at more economic prices making them affordable to wider public.

What is the oxidized bronze finish?

The goal of obtaining oxidized bronze finish is purely esthetic, since it lends to the artwork a specific ancient look. It consists of making a patina that simulates rusting of bronze over time.

The patina that normally appears on bronze as a result of natural corrosion produced over time either by the environment or intentionally by humans.

Different pigments are applied to a bronze sculpture to help achieve the oxidation, and finally by the use of veiled and fixation techniques, the desired result is achieved giving the artwork aged beauty.

The best sculptures in oxidized bronze

BuySculpture places at your grasp the most desired oxidized bronze sculptures of today, they original creations of our artists, reproductions of the classics or of artworks recognized worldwide.

Acquire an artwork in oxidized bronze

Our art gallery offers you a choice of bonze artworks with oxidized finish, pick the one you like and offer it as a personalized gift, or select one from the limited editions our world renowned artists present for yourself.

Offer an oxidized bronze sculpture as a gift

These sculptures are a very wise choice for a corporate or personal gift. Regardless of the goal, a person receiving such artwork will instantly understand the significance and value of the gift. They will surely place it in an important location to enjoy for all.

Value of oxidized bronze artworks

Since the value of our sculptures is increased by the certificate of originality and the number of copyright that accompanies them, if investment is you wish, this is a very good way to go about it.

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