Sculpture Wild Horse II Expand

Wild Horse II

Pedrín Pedrín


$314 £232 (estimated exchange)

Height 7.5 inches
Length 2.8 inches
Width 5.1 inches
Weight 2.6 lbs
Finish Rusty bronze
Material The sculpture is made of a layer of bronze on cold smelting of copper with the base of graphite or marble dust.
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Overview: Sculpture Wild Horse II

The famous sculpture by Pedrín inspired by the equilibrium of the round forms which we can admire in the works of art by Fernando Botero. The expression of the Wild Horse, purified by the play of muscles and the high quality processing leaves this masterpiece in a special gloss. Ideal sculpture for those in love with horses... but not only that... Artist dominates the perfection of this symbolic sculpture and reminds us of the prehistoric times and their sculptures of bulls, buffaloes, horses... etc.

Material: Rusty bronze

Limited edition of 150 works