Buy animal sculptures in contemporary art gallery

Buy animal sculptures in contemporary art gallery

It is impressive the ability that we have some, who are already collectors, to fill our home with works. Animal sculptures, for which we have pets are a real weakness.

As a gallerist who is writing these lines, I must admit that animals often understand us better than many humans, and even become more faithful.

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Buy animal sculptures

Surely, you feel just like me, great passion for animals. You probably have a dog, a cat or even a horse and without a doubt, a sculpture of one of these furry would look perfect as decoration.

However, on the Internet there are many figures as decorations that are not considered art, since "art is idea" as the sculptor Miguel Guía says and without a doubt, these figures that swarm online, do not have an artistic concept to their credit.

This is not the case with our animals. Our proposal of artists, with which we collaborate, as well as the agreements made with them, will provide access to original sculptures, with author's certificate, made in limited edition, signed and numbered and in editions accessible to all our art collectors.

Of course, the appreciation of your pet is undoubted, however, as it is a work of great value, since we talk about art, and this one is revalued, always keep the certificate of originality that includes the sculpture in the shipment.

One of the agreements with artists is the possibility to obtain the sculpture in different finishes.

We can talk about bronze sculptures with different patinas, nickel chrome and even wood of different types.

In the gallery, we put at your disposal the possibility to add a plaque with a text to your sculpture.

Whether for a wedding, a retirement, a birthday greeting or any other event, besides the plaque, we make available to you at no cost to you, the possibility to include a card with a written text, which we will include in the sending of the sculpture.

You or the person indicated the work will be received, along with the certificate of originality and the card, designed by our team of design experts.

If you wish, you can visit our art gallery in Madrid, through our contact page, you will find all the information to visit us. You will see animal sculptures in person and even acquire the artwork.

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